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The Decade From Digital To Quantum Technology

The digital revolution is creating great changes all around the globe at a faster pace than anyone could have imagined. It is time to wake-up, the decade that will lead to 2030 will be dominated by technology, global commerce, and large transnational corporations. It will be crucial to understand the fundamental concepts of the digital age in order to thrive in this new environment. This is even more important, if you can, in the face of Quantum Technology, which will transform existing models at lightning speed and with incredible power.

Google announced in October 2019 that its researchers had made a calculation that the largest supercomputers of the world could not do in under 10,000 years. Google’s quantum computer was able to perform such an operation in just 3 minutes and 20 seconds. Quantum Computing was created for the world. It allows for inconceivable calculations to take place at an incredible speed. This technology will be one of the most important technologies over the next decade.

Quantum technology applications

Quantum computers won’t replace the supercomputers in the world that do useful tasks. Instead, quantum computers will be devoted to research. Google’s quantum computer was able to simulate simple chemical reactions as early as 2020. This feat opened up new avenues for better understanding molecular reactions, and could lead to important discoveries. There are many examples: better batteries, new drugs and methods to make fertilizers. Quantum computing is still in its infancy, but we can’t ignore it. It will explode in the next decade, with many new products.

National security and quantum technology

Quantum computing is an issue of national security for both the United States and China. Quantum computers, like all technological super-advances, are a double-edged sword. They could one day lead to breakthroughs in artificial intelligence or overcome encryption that protects computers. This will have a major impact on national security, banking, and the e-commerce sites that we use every day. This is a remarkable technological breakthrough that did not originate from any government, university or organization. It was instead from private companies like Google, Microsoft, and Alibaba which dominate internet searches.

Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the perfect complement to quantum computing. Its effectiveness has significantly increased profits for many companies who have implemented it in their operations. AI is a method of creating better strategies through the use of prediction algorithms that analyze large quantities of data. It has been used in many industries such as finance and entertainment, logistics, healthcare, logistics, data mining, and data mining.

Combining quantum computing with artificial intelligence is the next great revolution for humanity. The combination of the incredible computational speed of quantum computing with the ability to use algorithms that simulate human intelligence (something that Artificial Intelligence already does), will create a new paradigm.

Quantum computing: The future

Quantum computers promise an exponential increase in processing power that allows calculations, simulations and analysis. These computers are capable of performing calculations, simulations, analysis and other tasks that were impossible to achieve until now. These computers function by temporarily putting qubits in superposition. This allows them to represent 1 and 0 bits of traditional computers. We have a long way yet to go but we will get there. Experts predict that the first tangible benefits will begin to be visible in five to ten year. In this decade, quantum technology will be fully embraced.

Let’s not forget technology is an essential subject for any company wishing to survive the next decade.


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