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Privacy On Facebook Mission Impossible


All of us have acquaintances, coworkers, and neighbors. We have all had a gossip with them and even many of us have met or know people that have tried to harm or hurt us.

Often, we don’t really know how to talk to our friends about deeper issues in life. Our professional colleagues are not able to understand us really, which often leads to misunderstandings in the workplace.

The advent of social media seems to have eroded this ability to protect and preserve our privacy over the years.

In this post I am going to look at privacy configuration on Facebook and how you can set it up to remain protected.

Facebook privacy settings: Where are they?

Two options for accessing privacy settings on the Facebook desktop are available: the settings icon or the Privacy Shortcuts icons. These shortcuts are a good summary of what you should remember when using Facebook: “Who can view my stuff?” “Who can reach me?” How do I stop someone bothering me? These questions can be answered in the privacy shortcut menu. We will concentrate on them.

Who can see my stuff?

This option lets you control who sees your next publications. However, you can always choose another option if you want to publish new content. You must remember that anyone who posts to someone else’s biography can see the post. If a person is tagged in an article, only that person and their friends will be able to see it.

You can keep track of all the comments, posts, and tags you make. Use the element “Where do I see who can find or see the things I have published?” This allows you to view the activity log, where you will find all the information in the form a list.

Next, “What do other people see in my bio?” This allows you to place yourself in the shoes and see how others view your wall.

Who can I contact?

This option allows you to filter your messages by either a simple filter that allows you to receive messages from certain people even though you haven’t accepted them into your group of friends or a strict filter that restricts messages to only friends. You can.

We will also indicate who can request friendship. This allows us to choose from all Facebook users, or limit it to our friends.

You can also access the privacy shortcuts menu from the settings icon. Once inside the settings page you will be able to access “Privacy settings & tools” by clicking on the privacy icon at the top.

How can I stop someone bothering me?

This section is the last of the privacy shortcuts on Facebook. It allows you to select the user you want to block, and also lets us consult the list of blocked users.


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