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Search For A Job Using Social Media

Did you know that when you were looking for work, you had to print your CV and take it with you to the companies you were interested in. This method of searching for work led to a better lifestyle. Stay with us if you haven’t already.

The world is changing, and so have the ways we do things. Social media is now a common way for recruiters to conduct research and post vacancies.

Social media tips for finding a job

1. Establish a network of contacts

To find work via social networks, the first step is to create a lasting network of contacts. Trusted people such as family and friends are a good place to start. Do some research to see what types of profiles they could contribute to your career path. You can meet new people by participating in networking events. If you are looking to strike up a conversation, choose the topics that interest both of you and tailor your message to them.

2. Digital reputation is important

Did you know that 80% of recruiters look at information about candidates on the Internet? It is important to establish a digital identity and provide the information you need for your selection process.

To analyze your online reputation, enter your surname and name in Google. The results will include images and search results. Take a look at what is displayed and decide if this is the message you want for your next job.

3. Headhunters are available

Headhunters can help you find the right job for you based on your interests and profile. You will be able to make an informed decision if you have more places to search for work. Talent hunters specialize at all levels. However, they can also specialize in specific sectors.

4. Follow your favourite companies

You can also follow people who are a good fit for you so you know about their new projects and job opportunities. This will allow you to talk about what you’ve read and how it has changed since you first followed them.

CompuTrabajo’s companies area allows you to read evaluations of company employees written by former employees. So that other candidates can benefit, we ask that you also rate where you’ve worked.

The most interesting social networks to help you in your job search strategy

1. LinkedIn

This is the most popular social network for job searching. Therefore, it is crucial to update the curriculum. It is possible to make connections that will help you in your professional career if you set priorities.

2. Facebook

Although it’s not common to use Facebook to find a job, it can be a great way to make connections and to network with people who might help you in the future. Your profile should reflect the companies that you have worked for, as well as what you do. To show your personality, get involved in groups and post personal and professional messages.

3. Instagram

Although Instagram is a visual platform, not many jobs are posted. However, if you have a more creative profile, you might be able to get job opportunities. You can showcase your work on Instagram if you are a photographer, graphic designer or hairdresser. Make a brand by taking great photos and videos.

4. Twitter

You can follow people and companies on Twitter who regularly tweet information about your career or industry. This social network makes it easier to create links and is often more visible. The tweets are also shorter and more direct, making it easier to read and start a conversation.

While social media is becoming more popular for finding candidates, job boards remain the most widely used tool by recruiters. So before you leave, make sure to upload your resume to CompuTrabajo.


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