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Five Smart Gadgets That You Will Want To Have At Home

Smart devices have made home automation a reality. Find the best gadgets for your house.

As Artificial Intelligence improves, technology is advancing rapidly and homes are now equipped with all sorts of devices that can help us do our daily chores, as well as provide protection functions or save money. A series of smart gadgets that are affordable and easy to install make the Smart Home a reality.

Smart devices that work in every room

Smart locks

Are you always losing your keys? Smart locks will solve this problem. There are many options on the market. The most advanced smart locks, like August Smart Lock, automatically open when you approach the door. They lock when you enter. You can also program access for other people at specific times. This is very useful for guests and you can keep detailed records of who has accessed the house.

Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Echo, along with Apple Homepod, are now able to be used as command centers for all home automation functions. You can use them to play music, get the weather forecast, make calls, set alarms, and connect them with smart devices like security cameras or light bulbs.

Smart bulbs

Smart bulbs can be fun and save money. You can select from many colors and adjust their intensity to create the right atmosphere in your room. You can program lights to turn on and off according to your schedule so they never go out of tune. You can also control the lights remotely, so they will turn on even if you’re not there. This gives you the illusion that someone is in your home.

Programmable thermostats

This gadget can help you reduce your gas consumption by controlling the temperature in your home to ensure that you don’t spend too much. Modern models can be programmed via smartphone. Remotely control the heating and allow you to adjust the temperature or turn it off. Netatmo NTH01ES-EC allows zone heating. Others, such as Somfy can be connected with blinds to lower the temperature at night and raise it in the morning.

Smart scales

This gadget is perfect for you if you are concerned about your health and want to control your weight. There are many models available. Some scales have only bluetooth connectivity, while others offer WiFi connectivity. The Withings Nokia Body +, for instance, measures not only body mass, but also fat and water content. It can recognize you when it is placed on your body and can store up 8 users in its memory. SPC Atenea Fit and others, such as SPC Atenea Fit can record more than 15 body parameters including bone mass, basal metabolism, and store a history.


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