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The 7 Essential Digital Tools For Your Business In 2021

We have learned one thing in 2020: the importance of digitizing companies. This is not only the issue, but it also shows how unprepared some people are for digital transformation. In the first year of our digital revolution, 7 digital tools will be crucial for your business.

Recent data shows that 90% of small businesses don’t offer their products online. However, 85% of those who have done it before began to see the results.

But going digital doesn’t just mean selling online. This also means modernizing processes and taking advantage of new technology.

We live in an age of technological advancement. There are many tools available that can make our jobs easier, more fun, and cheaper.

We will be discussing 7 digital tools that are essential for the 2021 year.

1. Accounting programs – Accounts under Control

It is no longer necessary to have an accountant. Problems with accountants have caused major headaches for many entrepreneurs and managers of SMEs. They don’t have to know everything, but they are unable to provide the personalized service that one requires.

Sometimes we need to get attention or consultations that we are not able to always get. There is also the reluctance to let go of everything they control. What can you do to manage the accounting for your company? Even more, you don’t need to have a lot of accounting knowledge.

Accounting programs and applications are available for everyone. It’s a great way for your business to keep its accounts organized and up-to date. It also features a user-friendly interface with graphics and consultations for personalized assistance.

They aren’t just responsible for keeping track of accounts. They also keep track of taxes that companies must pay. This allows them to remember what fees each company has to pay and how much.

These are the best way for you to avoid unexpected surprises, keep things under control, and allow you to focus on leading and improving your company.

2. CRM – More than just software

It is not a CRM if you need to explain it in 2021. It stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is more than just a tool for managing the deal with clients.

  • Manage large numbers of customers
  • Control and launch marketing strategies
  • Collect and analyze data about customer behavior
  • Encourage loyalty and retention of customers
  • Position your brand better
  • Customer support can be improved by being more personal and intuitive.
  • Reports and templates can be generated
  • It helps to keep all company movements organised

A CRM can help us do many things. It can be used in marketing, sales, customer services, and even IT departments.

There are many CRM-like digital tools available on the market. There are many options, some more general than others. We will need one or the other depending on our needs.

3. Video Subtitler ā€“ The future is through your eyes

By 2021, video will account for 80% of all internet traffic worldwide. Audiovisual elements are essential if you want your website to stay current, attract customers’ attention and produce quality content.

Making videos isn’t easy nor cheap. Making quality videos is difficult, or at least it is not. You need to do this right if you want to go on this journey. While anyone can film a normal product using their smartphone, a quality video is a great cover letter to promote your company or brand.

An editor is essential for audiovisual content. Cut, paste, adjust image, sound, remove silences, etc. Your video should be polished to make it relevant.

A beautiful video does not suffice. Your message must be clear and easily understood by as many people as possible. This is why a subtitle generator is so important. You should consider those with impaired hearing or those who are unable to activate the audio on their devices.

You can draw attention to the beginning of a video by adding captions captions. Even those who can’t hear it will be able to comprehend and enjoy it.

4. Newsletters – A timeless classic that is becoming more popular

Mail was the first method of mass marketing. Advertisements began to appear in our virtual mailboxes with the advent of the internet. However, as with all things, abuse can lead to SPAM. Artificial intelligences were able to scan the content and then discard it for us.

This is a part of email marketing’s downfall. It has returned to prominence over the past few years, and it is growing in force. Emails can no longer be obtained illegally or sent without permission. We are now aware of this and the clients are the ones who sign up.

The newsletter is a great way to get more people onboard. It includes news, quality content, and special promotions. We can provide personalized and unique offers to our clients in a subtle, direct and personal way.

It’s no longer difficult to create a newsletter. Digital tools like Mailchimp and MailerLite make it easy to schedule emails and send them to thousands of people in just a matter of minutes.

5. Cloud storage – More space than our imagination

The days of external hard drives and flash drives are gone. Data is no longer saved on devices. Information is no longer physically stored. All documents can be accessed from any computer, from anywhere.

Some tools are limited to storage. Many cloud storage options are available at a very affordable price. Our account will allow us to access all the data on our virtual hard drives.


  • Access at any moment, from any location
  • Immediacy
  • Access and sharing are made easy
  • Possibility to edit together in real-time
  • Simple space increases at a great price
  • It isn’t physically damaged because it isn’t affected by the device


  • A reliable internet connection is essential
  • Access is restricted
  • We must be mindful of who we allow access to in terms of security.
  • Once you have accessed the material, it is easy to copy.

Although it may seem that they have the same number, the benefits are more important than the drawbacks. It is not a bad idea to store important documents on the cloud for the 21st century.

6. Teamwork Management – The Virtual Dashboard

How many times have you had to visualize the set to organize the specific one? You can write or use post-its to record everything you need to do. Also, give each person a task and the due date. There are many other important things you should be aware of.

If you had enough space and time, you could make your own board to organize everything. It was not always possible. It was also only possible for a few.

This is why new digital tools like Smartsheet, Trello and Clarizen were developed over many years to allow you to manage tasks and teams online.

All tasks, deadlines, and information can be displayed on screen in the form a list. It is accessible to all and can be customized by each individual to suit their needs without altering the information of others. It will revolutionize the way you organize tasks.

7. Social media management ā€“ All content is just a click away

A profile for your company on social media is a good idea. It is important to reach as many people possible, as we have said before. But not all networks are created equal.

Some prefer to share content across all networks and unify it. Others may be more focused on one topic and use others as “satellites”, to link to that content. Others prefer to personalize each person and create content that is specific to their audience.

No matter what strategy you choose, a social media manager is essential. Instead of having to log in and out of every application or website, you can manage them all from one central location.

You can control content by scheduling posts, adapting it for each screen, and scheduling them at different times. You can also manage notifications and social media interactions in real-time. This is the great secret weapon of Community Managers and one of their favorite digital tools.

Every company and SME is unique and has its own reality and needs. These digital tools are useful, but each company and SME must find the best one for them.

The price, the benefits or the customisation are all factors that can influence our decision to buy one or the next. It is important to research, consult, inquire, and not make rash decisions. The results will quickly appear once we have found the right one.


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