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Digital Content Tools For Your Website

The marketing landscape has changed dramatically in the last century. Marketing used to be focused on sending a carefully crafted message to large numbers of people (outbound marketing), but now it is all about content marketing (inbound marketing). Instead of trying to persuade customers, it is now about creating interesting, useful and entertaining content that attracts and keeps an audience’s attention. This will enable us to convert your data into sales or commercial agreements. We are referring to the digital content tools you can use on a website.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a major tool used by the majority of businesses today. Content marketing is a strategy for marketing that focuses on creating and maintaining valuable content. Publicists used media like radio, TV, press, and direct mail in the past. It was about creating a message that was focused on the brand (or the issuer) and directed at the largest audience. Today we are moving to content-centric marketing that targets clearly defined audiences. This type of marketing is now possible with the help of the internet. These media include web pages, email marketing and search engine ads.

Types of digital content and the tools they can be used

We will take you on a brief tour of the various types of digital content and show you some examples.

1 / Digital contents in TEXT

Content is the king. Text is the best content on the internet. Text allows us to create pieces that are relatively simple and optimize their positioning with the help of a keyword strategy.

Text-based digital content refers to the blog, newsletters, eBooks, and catalogs that are based on text.

Blogger and WordPress are the best tools to create blogs (today, WordPress is the king of CMS).

Google acquired Blogger in 2003. To manage it, a Google account must be created. It allows you to publish text and images, even though it doesn’t have a lot of versatility.

WordPress has grown to be a powerful tool for website design and creation, far surpassing its initial goal of blogging. There is a version of SAAS that can be downloaded from the internet (www.wordpress.com); and another self-hosted version, which can be downloaded from the open source (www.wordpress.org).

2 / AUDIO digital content

Podcasts, which are audio files that can be downloaded to a computer and played on it, have gained popularity. Podcasts are usually integrated into series or programs and can be used as a complement to internet radio, allowing for delayed radio. Music on Demand is another important tool.
There are many tools available for creating audio content. We have Adobe Audition and FL Studio which are professional tools, but these tools are costly. You should opt for free software such as Wavosaur or Audacity to edit audio or to create music with LMMS (Let’s Make Music).

We have the following platforms that are most used for audio content:

  • iVoox:One of the most well-known podcast distribution platforms. You can upload content free of charge, but you also have the option to pay for it.
  • Spotify:It’s a platform that allows you to listen to music whenever you want. You can create playlists. However, in the free version you can add advertising between songs.

3 / Digital contents for IMAGE

This content is becoming more common in our century. Computer graphics include the images 360 (3-dimensional), the gif (3-dimensional), and memes (striking combinations of image, text).

We have the following tools for creating free images:

  • Canva: Cloud software for simplified graphic design. It’s very user-friendly and comes with a variety of templates you can modify to your needs.
  • Piktochart: Piktochart is another cloud-based software that creates infographics. It has a very intuitive Drag and Drop interface.

The web page creator-type tools are located halfway between text, image, and video. They allow you to create a web page that combines all of these elements.

Social networks are the best platforms to publish image content: Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest (especially for infographics), or Twitter.

4 / VIDEO digital content

In recent years, video marketing has gained popularity and many companies are using it to promote their brands.

Videos are tutorials, webinars and testimonials.

These are free tools that you can use to create videos:

  • OBS: It’s an open source software which allows you to record video from various sources (camera, monitor). It can also be broadcast to streaming services.
  • WeVideo Online video editing software: You can create files up to 1GB in the free version. You can upload your creations directly to Google Drive by downloading the application.
  • Lightworks: Lightworks is a free video editor that can be used to edit YouTube videos. However, it also supports other formats.

Apart from YouTube (the king), Vimeo (which is used frequently by video professionals) and DailyMotion are two of the most popular online video platforms. It is becoming more popular to upload videos to Instagram or another social network that is in strong demand: TikTok.

5 / The most essential digital content tool

We hope you found this review helpful and encourages you to use these digital content tools on your website. There is an even more important tool to create digital content than the ones we have listed. It is in your head, and it is your BRAIN. This complex engineering work, a complicated cog, is the result of hundreds upon thousands of years of evolution. His most important gift is inspiration to determine the message you want to convey and creativity to create the way to communicate it. These tools won’t do much good if you don’t use them. These tools will help you achieve true magic. This Dove video shows how.


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