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5 Devices From 2021 We Will See Soon

The coronavirus, like any other crisis, has driven technological advancement, which thrives in the face of challenges and difficulties. Today, we will be reviewing five key technologies that were most affected by the 2020 health and economic crisis. Technology has come to our rescue in critical situations, from 5G to the Internet of Things and virtual pets. We will see the effects of technology this year on our environment. Today, we reveal the 2021 devices we expect to see among us very soon.


Augmented Reality (VR) and Virtual Reality (AR) have made great strides. The first involves projecting digital content onto real life using a device. The second involves a technology-based simulation of reality. Although it is obvious that video games and training programs could use it, we have also seen other applications like virtual tourism and social platforms for Virtual Reality during the pandemic.

Virtual relationships are a way to maintain contact when we have to establish distances. Virtual reality devices like VR glasses, which enable virtual reality, will be one of the 2021 devices we see. Immersion VR is a 360 virtual reality experience that allows for immersive experiences such as the one shown in this video. The entire experience cannot be shown, but you can click in the upper left corner to move around the video.

5G smartphones

According to IDC data, the company will buy 24% of 5G devices by 2024 from 10% in 2020. Voice technology (Voice User Interface) may help to reduce the risk of a mobile phone being touched.

Five times faster than any previous technology, 5G networks are on the other side. It is becoming more useful because of the increased demand for bandwidth, both from school and work. However, it also allows other healthcare applications like remote surgery or the collection real-time health indicators.

CES was the largest technology fair in the world, and some of the phones we’ll soon see were shown at this January’s CES. The TCL 20 5G stands out because of its 6.67-inch FHD+ (2400 x 1080 Pixels) screen. The LG option will be shown in the next point. Samsung has also presented the Note20 5G/ Ultra 5G, and the Galaxy Z Flip 5G. The first features an immersive screen, a professional camera, and intuitive note taking. Galaxy Z Flip 5G folds up to reveal independent content.

Rolling and folding screens

Manufacturers such as Samsung and LG in Korea, or Oppo and TCL from China presented folding and roll-up screen designs at the CES technology fair. Because it allows for a smaller screen and doesn’t increase the volume of mobile phones, the roll-up screen will be one of the most popular devices in 2021. These screens include the TCL’s 17.-inch, 0.18-mm thick printed OLED rollup screen (its manufacturer is yet to identify the device that will be carrying it) or the LG Rollable. This screen is the same size as a tablet and a smartphone, but it’s larger than a smartphone.

IoT devices

The Internet of Things is a growing phenomenon. Statista.com data shows that the number of smart devices in America will increase from 26,000 to 30730 in 2019, to 75,440 by 2025, and to 26,000 in 2019. Edge Computing, also known as edge computing, will provide a significant boost to this technology by allowing bandwidth savings and low latency between processing centres and action nodes.

Its applications in medicine are numerous, including smart medicine dispensers, smart food forks and nanotechnological devices that can detect diseases.

Next, we will show you the smart medication dispenser that MakersUPV students (Universitat Politecnica de Valencia), won the award for best project in this year’s Smart Medical Design Challenge using Microchip Technology.

Virtual pets

The pandemic’s loneliness has made it clear that people who work with elderly groups like the elderly know something: We need company. Vanguard Industries presented the Vanguard Industries mascot Moflin, a stuffed animal with artificial intelligence that adapts to its owner’s lifestyle, and has chirping emotional capabilities. The smart pet will be the last device in 2021, as technology will become more important for the increasing number of lonely people.


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