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Nova System: Sketches and Ideas for a New Nova!


It was a cold January of 2008 when TC Electronic, the celebrated Danish audio equipment manufacturer, announced to public, their new floor-based guitar effects processor, the new Nova System. Derived from the G-System it’s all about providing a compact bullet-proof solution without missing  the sound quality of your pedal board. It was of course a huge success. 

After 6 years I still think the Nova System stands out in the Multi-FX market for it’s known qualities, but today, i decided to spend some time and give a tip to TC Electronic to create not a better Nova but surely something the current market trends would deliver in 2014. Something more flexible for the developer and evolutionary for the player.


Let’s get to the point TC! Rethink the Nova System, and build a Platform. Same solid hardware with a good effects processor, enought space to store patches, and support to USB, Switch Pedal, Exp. Pedal and of course Midi I/O. The important feature here is connectivity, it should provide Bluetooth or WIFI possibilities to connect to portable devices.

Guitar Players connect throught their devices to their favorite store: Google Play (Android devices), the Apple Store (IOS devices), Windows Store for Microsoft Phone devices and download TC Electronics free app. What I’m suggesting here is that the Customer throught in App purchases improves and extends their Nova Platform with new effects and possibilities, and creating loyalty between customer and the company.

The idea  here is relatively simple, you develop once a 10 years lifecycle platform and then you concentrate on something easy to mantain and evolve. I’m talking about the app software!

I’m not suggesting you to build a mobile app patch Editor, but probably something similar to a Patch market. This could seem something foregone, but nobody needs a Patch editor if you can design a patch quickly on the platform. I’m sorry but the Nova System is quite awkward on that, just think about going through the infinite Az09/special characters just to write the name, it’s an untested design flaw, it’s a user torture, do you guys use it?

What you need here is something simple where the Player can change it’s parameters during play!

To change the Type of Delay during play.. just keep the delay button pressed, rotate the first knob to select (tape, dual, ping pong, analog, clean..) and then press ok to save to bank.

Just Keep it Simple ..and no one needs an editor!

So, you build a platform which supports Modules, so if the user wants an AutoWha, he buys the module on the TC App. What about a Lopper? with G-Switch support? that’s an extra. Keep the platform cheap and charge for the extras.

After various sketches and attempts i really believe this is the right direction: TC Electronic, Good Luck 😉